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Very grounding lava stone necklace made to provide stability in times of change. Combined with Howlite and Turquoise makes a great calming effect and helps to stabilise the mood swings.

Necklace Length: 32″ (81.3 cm)
Hanging length: 21.5″ (55 cm)
Tassel length: 3.9″ (10 cm)


Raw Turquoise Mala Necklace For Strength And Self Acceptance.

This 108 strength mala necklace is hand knotted with 5mm Howlite turquoise beads and 6mm black lava stone beads completed with brass spacer beads. Hand knotted mala is finished with raw Turquoise guru bead and black tassel wrapped with gold thread.

TURQUOISE is a stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets. Turquoise promotes self-realization and aids in creative problem-solving, thus calming the nerves when speaking in public. It helps stabilize mood swings and soothes the mind, Turquoise is good for jet lag and fears of flying. It is a symbol of friendship, and stimulates romantic love.

ॐ HOWLITE ~ “The Calming Stone“ is the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, memory and progress. It helps to relieve an overactive mind. It has the ability to heal mentally, physically and emotionally.

ॐ NATURAL LAVA STONE is a stone of of protection, strength and fertility. It provides stability in times of change. It often helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding. A very grounding stone, black Lava strengths our connection to Mother Earth. Lava energy is good for our Root or base chakra.

Note that the stones are in natural shape and the one you will receive might slightly vary from the picture listed! But just as beautiful.

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