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Beaded Indian agate necklace featuring natural 6mm Indian Agate beads and oval gemstone pendant.
Beads are strung on strong jewelry wire and chain and finished with pretty sterling silver S closure, easy to to put on and take off.
This boho choker is 15″ long, the standard choker length.

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These gorgeous Indian Agate necklace made with silver are one of a kind handmade pieces and would make a perfect best friends jewelry, bridesmaid necklace or a gift for someone special.

Indian Agate necklace is a great aid for meditation, & a powerful healing stone.
Indian agate gives physical strength & emotional security. It is also a good protection stone.
It is known in some circles as the “stone of eternity” because it helps not to be afraid of aging, or old age. Its energy vibrations and contribute to transmit serenity and patience. Also known as an “anti-stress” stone.

Indian Agate necklace provides security, protection stimulates concentration. Green minerals have a harmonizing and neutralising effect. Green releases the feelings, increase the speed and responsiveness and arouse interest and enthusiasm. Green brings initiative and will to live, stimulates the sense and the ability of perception and draws our attention to the material world. Green minerals help to deal with “poison the spirit”, ie a negative considerations and foster a healthy optimism. Green is actually the color of hope.


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