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Centered Self mala necklace is designed to help turn your attention to your center and remind yourself that you have balance and control. The soothing nature of Sandalwood, and Amazonite makes this mala wonderful tool for setting daily intentions to invite peace and confidence wherever you wish to go.

This beaded tassel necklace is a strand of 108 beads, great to be used for yoga or meditation practice. If features 8mm natural Sandalwood beads, 8mm Amazonite beads, Amazonite oval guru bead and handmade pink tassel.

Necklace length: 35″ (88 cm)
Hanging length: 21″ (54cm)
Tassel length: 3.2″ (8 cm)

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Abundance ✦ Trust ✦ Confidence
ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ ˑ
CHAKRAS ➳ Heart ✧ Throat ✧ Third Eye
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AMAZONITE is a spiritual gemstone of faith and self discovery and has ability to create a feeling of power within you. Amazonite empowers us to manifest our dreams and desires by magnifying our intentions. Amazonite is an uplifting crystal that brings out your wild side. It connects you to your higher truth and your inner heart energies. Amazonite encourages you to embrace your playful spirit, allowing you to move on and become all that you were meant to be.

SANDALWOOD is a sacred wood with a lovely aromatic scent. One of the oldest incense materials, Sandalwood has been in use for at least 4000 years. It is one of the most calming incenses and therefore is one of the preferred ones for yoga or meditation. It calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and aids in the opening of the Third Eye. By smelling this beautiful scent in our everyday it helps us to remind of what lies within and induces a calming affect.

You don’t need to meditate to wear your Cented Self Mala necklace. You can give your mala necklace a meaning and wear it during the day to keep your intention with you at all times. Mala bead necklaces can also be a beautiful addition to your bohemian outfit, they go well with summer dresses or just with jeans and your favourite T-shirt.

Cented Self Mala necklace is individually handcrafted by me, blessed and made with the deepest love and enthusiasm to inspire and spread positivity & good vibes always.


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