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Looking for boho style rattan bags, handmade yoga jewelry, or designer boho style home and altar decor? Well, look no further. Bohemian Treasure is your one stop shop for finding the perfect gems to infuse your bohemian lifestyle with a sense of purpose.


The essence of Bohemian Treasure is the deep harmony with nature which is represented by the varied combination of natural materials such as precious metals, gemstones, magical crystals, straw, wood and shell sparkling in their magnificent pure colors and infused with lots of positive spiritual energy. Our items are all handcrafted with the highest enthusiasm and devotion to make products even more powerful and inspiring.

Doing bohemian style the boho chic way is not only fashionable but also intends to activate and evolve your spirit with the help of these mystical accessories. They help you find your way on your self-care journey while strengthening all those feelings inside what you actually need to achieve your success. Finding peace with yourself is the first key step towards true happiness and a balanced lifestyle both physically and mentally. Before accepting and understanding the world around you, you must know yourself, know every little momentum of your body and learn to listen to it. Always be the first for yourself and then the whole world will love and accept you as well.

Bohemian Treasure supports you throughout your progress and besides ensuring stylish accessories for your wardrobe it provides constant help for your soul filled with flowing good vibes and endless love. You always have to keep on looking up, achieving your goals and moving forward because this is what life is all about.

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