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✦ Bohemian design collections to nurture Mind, Body and Soul ✦

Bohemian Treasure is not only a pinch of bohemian style fashion but also heals your spirit. We are international lifestyle brand of yoga jewelry, accessories and home decor, created to nurture mind, body and soul. Our individually handcrafted pieces can perfectly complete any of your outfits and help you find your way in life as well. Beauty comes from inside out, therefor our self-love journey starts by accepting and loving yourself, inhaling all the positive things and turn negative ones to motivation you can learn from and improve.

When you are in struggle or overwhelmed with every day life our bohemian design jewelry, accessories and home decor ornaments will help you start and find your way on your self-care journey and discover your inner peace.
They are going to be your partner-in-crime with their joyful charm spreading serenity throughout the day –
during your yoga or meditation practices, on the beach, or when hanging out with the girls.

Each item is handmade with lots of love and positive intentions to inspire peaceful mind and inner harmony. For our bohemian designs we exclusively use high quality materials, such as precious metals and genuine crystals/gemstones. Our handcrafted collections are timeless as well as they are playful and meaningful where each piece tells a different story with the purpose to motivate, encourage and protect you in everyday life.

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